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By | May 5, 2020

Cool  Apps that you must install- I prefer the shortcut because it just looks like an app if you guys want to see a tutorial on how to get this running on your Android I made a video a while back showing off a step-by-step instruction on how to do this. But if you want the latest apps then take a look at the best apps website.

 if you want to check that out apparently you can control your phone with your face with an app called Eaves facial Mouse that’s right no more tapping on the screen it’s a little difficult to get the hang. Basically your front-facing camera tracks your facial movements and a meson the screen will follow them the mass will automatically tap whenever you stop moving your face.

they have an experimental feature where you can wink to click you can also do more difficult actions to scroll swipe long press pinching and out of a picture double tap and more I don’t really use those since they’re pretty gimmicky but they do working the settings you can configure a bunch of the options including this hasn’t tithe mouse moves Mouse eyes etc now. Movie apps are also here

You’ll be dealing with a ton of equations graphs and drawings with most of the programs. Such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs because some drawings are just not possible unless. You outsource to a third party option that’s a lot that.

You can import PDFs and mark them up to fill out forms, sign documents etc. You can also use your finger to write but it can get pretty sloppy that’s why. I recommend a notebook by Shoo corporation for anyone . I hope you like the Cool  Apps that you must install. If you need any help comment below your opinion. Thanks

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