Iqama Validity Expiry Check 2020 Saudi Arabia

By | April 21, 2020

Check Your Iqama Validity or Expiry in Saudi Arabia With Latest Easy Way. Mostly peoples worried that what is the difference between Validity and expiry of iqama?

Both Iqama Validity & Expiry are same things. Basically Validity is the old terms. The differnce between them is only the way of search peoples.

In this article i will explain a simple method for finding full knowledge like status very easily. To Understand this topic you need to read our this blog post.

How To Check Iqama Validity or Expiry With Absher?

iqama validity or expiry

Check Iqama Validity or iqama Expiry date with these simple two Method.
Step#1: Write in your Mobile Phone or Laptop browser. See the simple page that come in your mobile or computer home screen.
Step#2: Select Your Language English or Arabic. If you know English language very well then select it.
Step#3: Now Register your account in moi site by clicking on the new user option.
step#4: Fill in the blanks means to say forum with complete details like The name, phone number, iqama number and all other.
Step#5: Click the NEXT Button and verify your phone number and print or save your account details in any sheet.
Step#6: Now Come to moi website login page. Click on it, enter name, password, captcha image code, click to login. Verify phone number code for login. Now you successfully login to your account
Step#7: Go to dashboard center and here you can see all the details about your iqama like validity or expiry and much more status.
Method#2: Absher Method

Before checking any details about your iqama You need First Absher Registration. Here is article about Absher Registration
Step#1: Open saudi site and see the main page and choice your language here
Step#2: Click on new user button and make your registration first on this site.
Step#3: Fill required filed like the iqama number, phone number and all other needed information
Step#4: Click on the NEXT Option, verify phone number & save all account details
Step#5: Download Absher app or visit website and click on signin or login button. Enter password, iqama number, captcha code of image. Click NEXT, verify phone verification code and click to signin.
Step#6: Go to dashboard of absher and click on third option where your all iqama details available like kafeel name, iqama mehna and expiry validity.

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