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By | May 6, 2020

The sponsor of Saudi expertise in jawazat is called iqama huroob. Today I will explain to you a easy procedure to check iqama huroob very simply in 2020. All the people means labor who are working in Saudi Arabia they can simply check their iqama huroob by following our steps.

If you are  finding a very simple and latest procedure then your in the right  place to know about iqama informations. So follow the below step and check your iqama huroob.

Check Iqama Huroob Saudi Arabia

Checking iqama huroob in Saudi Arabia is very simple. All people can check about their status with the latest new procedure. Mostly procedure available in the market to check about it but  here I will share the official Government procedure to know the full status of your iqama Huroob.

Here I will guide you thre latest new to goverment official procedure to check about it. The firs one is to check from the moi site and the second is to check using the Absher application.These procedure are different form each other

How  To Check  Iqama Huroob With Moi  Site

Follow these steps to check iqama huroob with Moi site

Step1: Open click on new user option to register yourself.Fill the from and click on the create option.After  account creation. Go iquiry option and here this kind of interface appear in your front of PC or Moblie screen.

Step2: Now you can check the information about your iqama huroob with iqama number or passport number.If you want to check with iqama number then enter your iqama number in the box of Residently Number. If you want to check with passport number then  enter your passport number in the box.After enterning it then  you necessary to fill captcha code and click on view option. When you Click on view option then the information open.Go to the below of the page and see all  information about your iqama Huroob and much here to check iqama expiry

How  To Check iqama Huroob With Absher?

Follow these steps to check iqama Huroob with Absher

Step1:Make an Absher account by clicking on Click on individuals option. Now click on the new user option. Fill the forum and make an account.Verify the number and begin finishing your account make. Click on my account and then  my dashboard option.All information comes in your front secreen.

Step2: kind iqama Huroob in the search option. The iqama Huroob appear on your secreen and on the page enter iqama number and captcha code.Now click the view option and the full information about your iqama Huroob come in your front secreen.

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